There really comes a point in someone’s life when he begins to question how long he’ll keep on with the journey he’s taking. A time when he begins to analyze where he ought to be, and why he ought to continue. A time when he searches for his soul amidst the dark passing of the moon.

For me, that time has come so many times that I’ve already lost count. During those times, I’ve felt so lost that I’ve wandered aimlessly in search for an answer. It has been a peculiar journey, a whimsical tale of coming home to oneself.

At the end of the road, you’ll find yourself once again at the start of it all, but this time, you know in your heart that you can carry on. There is no other way to go, but forward.

“Sir, is there anything wrong, sir?”
“Boy, you best get outta here.”
“You just keep on walking.”

-The Very Very Late Show with Jay O’Brien

 -Ed. E.


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