Back From The Void

I’m back. Even I can’t believe it. I’ve gotten used to the fact that regardless of how many times I toggle the switch, I won’t receive any response from my computer. I simply must get a new power supply. Of course, I wouldn’t hear any of it. From my perspective, whoever broke the pc in the first place should be the one to buy a replacement. Since there was no action taken, I let it rest. I, unlike them however, had an ace up my sleeve. From outside the box hidden in the upstairs room, I brought out our first PC, an IBM AT Intel 80386. My father bought it when I was around 7 or 8, and from there started a monochromatic adventure of danger, suspense, dram–

..I’m mostly talking about the games I installed up until my 2nd year in high school. Ahh.. DOS games still rock.

Anyway, the games were one of the reasons why I brought the 386 PC out of that dusty box. I also wanted to reminisce the ancient archives contained within. Those were the days of Wordstar.. Wordperfect.. Lotus 123.. Quattro Pro.. Qbasic.. and if I still had the old mouse, the Image32 program. It was better than MSPaint.

I browsed thru the old documents, looking at my old reports and essays. I ran a diagnostic check and marvelled how fast defragging a hard disk took, especially if your hard disk was 41MB.

It was fun while it lasted, but even I knew that this can’t go on forever. I had things I wanted to do, that I couldn’t possibly do on an 386 PC. I couldn’t do graphic coloring, for one. And even if you look at the glass as half-full, there’s no way you can log-on the internet on a DOS 6.2 platform. Even if it was possible, the first minute alone would fill my pc up with numerous malware that’ll stop it dead.

And so I started looking for a Power Supply in every possible store, but due to lack of adequate knowledge, or more importantly a lack of financial capability, I couldn’t go further with my plan. It was then during a moment of intense longing that I finally was able to “scrounge for the part”, as an old Star Wars novel puts it. No, I didn’t steal it. But I got it cheap.

Right now, only a select few know that this PC is up and running. Until I change my mind, it’ll stay that way.

The journey continues


-Ed. E.


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